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What does that mean?

We It means that if I have used or wore products on I believe in the products and I believe in Amazon’s free shipping, free returns, 100{1a269e1fc4e279247c9231336c574ada974acc76d0e9f5f02e6a7abb25c0c66c} satisfaction guarantee. Amazon has an affiliate program, so I sign up for it. So when I list the product for sale on our site, we make the link using our affiliate link.

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There are no cost increase to you as the customer. Affiliate links are Amazon’s way of thanking me for helping you get your awesome Spirit Gear from them and their site. So we offer all of the products on our site at the Amazon price with no additional cost increase to create additional income. The affiliate commission compensates our time to create and manage this website to serve your needs.

We found the easiest and quickest way for Daybreak Elementary School staff, students, and family to get Spirit Gear to show their pride in our school and community was to associate everything with and through

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